Commercial Kits

Wall mountable commercial first aid kits are perfect for :-
  • Businesses and Factories
  • Government Departments
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Schools and Childcare Centers
  • Shopping Malls and Supermarkets
  • Sports Clubs and Gyms
  • RSA’s and Cosmopolitan Clubs
  • Rest Homes
  • Swimming pools
  • Wineries.
Wall Mountable Commercial-Grade First Aid Kits

In any situation where there are large numbers of people in one place, it becomes even more important to ensure that your first aid supplies are adequate.
Our Commercial First Aid Kits are designed to help you effectively deal with any minor accidents while still being portable enough to carry to an injured person.

First Aid Kits Customised for your Needs

Your first aid pack requirements will depend on the type of environment that it will be used in and the number of people in the area.
It is vital that your kit contains the items you need so we use the ‘First Aid Wall Cabinet’ as the foundation for your kit, and can add extra items to tailor to your individual needs and budget.
View the first aid wall cabinet contents on the product shop page.

External AED Defibrillators and CPR Assistance

If you find yourself in the situation where someone in your home or workplace collapses, having an AED defibrillator could potentially save their life.  Training is included in all AED Defibrillator purchases.

The type of defibrillators we supply also give you a clear guide to the CPR process.

To learn more about CPR, you can enroll for one of our First Aid Courses.
First Aid for Burn Treatment
Having the first aid essentials for burn treatment is important in any situation where there is heat involved.
You can incorporate the burn kit as an add-on to your Commercial First Aid Kit.
Do you work in the hospitality industry and require a first aid burn kit?
Contact David to receive your free burn kit quote.
Restocking your First Aid Supplies

To ensure that you have all the first aid essentials when an accident happens, we can come to you to service and restock your kit. Whether you own a car first aid travel kit or a sport first aid kit, we can refill it with all the necessary first aid supplies. You can also email a restocking order to us and we can post your supplies to you.