Compact Kits

Compact first aid kits are the perfect personal first aid solution for…
  • at home
  • small businesses
  • in the glove box of your vehicle
  • tramping/camping
  • boats and kayaks
  • motorbikes
  • travel kits
Compact and Portable First Aid Kits  to keep you Prepared for Common Accidents

To keep you safe and prepared wherever you go, our Compact First Aid Kits are designed to be portable while still helping you  effectively deal with any minor cuts and abrasions before further treatment.

They can fit in your kitchen cupboard, in your car and your backpack.
From pocket-sized kits through to waist bag/bum bag and compact box/containers.

Customised First Aid Kits for all your Requirements

Your first aid kit requirements depend largely on your daily activities and it is vital that your kit contains the items you need.

By using the ‘Multipurpose/vehicle kit’ as the foundation for your kit, you can add extra items to create a first aid kit that is tailored to your individual needs and budget.

View contents of Multipurpose/Vehicle Kit on the Shop page.

Restocking and Servicing of your Compact First Aid Kit

Don’t be caught out with an empty first aid kit when an accident happens!

From at home survival kits to bushfire survival kits to wilderness survival kits, we can come to you to restock and service your kit to ensure it is always full and you are prepared for whatever may happen.

You can also email us with a ‘restocking order’ and we will post you your first aid supplies to restock your kit.